Hoi4 heavy cruiser mtg

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Showing 1 - 8 of 8 comments. Bramborough View Profile View Posts. There's a political decision to withdraw from the treaty; it's pretty pricey though, at pp. Early game, a lot of US political power is going to be sunk into trying to wrangle Congress into shape. At some point, however, Japan will usually? At that point you're just released from it. I didn't notice a popup explicitly stating the treaty had ended.

I just noticed sometime in either late '37 or early '38 that I was no longer constricted to comply. Without having had to spend the It may have been been tied to the Marco Polo Bridge incident; if not, it was pretty close to that. Beyond that, for my say BB's, I make them within the limit knowing that in the first several months of the year they'll get an engine and secondary armament upgrades.

hoi4 heavy cruiser mtg

MTG's gives a lot of benefit to the long game in naval and I personally find changes the UK the most of any allied nation. Build your ships, then upgrade. Those starting BB's? Once you get 's hulls you can send them back in for a refit on their engine for Engine III and they will be very fast BBs. Random View Profile View Posts.

The london treaty only affects carriers and battleships, but you don't really even need to build these until like as the tech upgrades so quickly for naval but it takes 2 years to build a capital ship and thus it is always out of date a few months into its construction.

The treaty itself gets upgraded once someone leaves it, and then the following year it is basically abolished on its own once real war kicks off and world tension sky rockets, so its basically a waste of PP to even leave it. Saykuri View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Random :. You are hard pressed to get a LC tomost will be around As for heavy cruisers sure they will hit but they also aren't even worth building even as a capital ship counter as they have insufficient heavy piercing to even go through a Battle Cruiser's armor, as well as get limited to 5 ports like any other capital ship and thus completely fail at their role, as just building a BC would be better as it can atleast pierce capital ship armor.

LC with torpedo tubes do more capital ship damage than heavy cruisers, hell destroyers with their hard set torpedo tube slot do more capital ship damage. Medium weapons completely miss the mark, and are only good at kill other cruisers. But a light cruiser can get sufficient light piercing to pierce 1 tier lower hulls of cruisers t2 guns pierce t1 armor etc as well as a significant light attack value to still mince through cruiser hp pools as well as shredding destroyers en mass which in turn activates the torpedo death flag allowing your destroyers to kill capitals.

MTG Naval combat is about cleaning screen ships, or straight up out teching the opponent with 1 tier high weapons. The London treaty as Random suggested shouldn't really affect you outside of a quest for SHBB or in need of punching above your weight at the start of of hostilities in This was a ship that I designed knowing that once started I could rotate the 5 of them through refitting to a refit. This refit made them an extremely capable ship that is able to destroy any other majors BB's and also works well as screen clearing and AA due to the improved secondary batteries and AA they had refit.

Each ship was refitting with 5 Dockyards for about 3 months which led to all 5 being out the gate. The foolish axis didn't realize that the battleships were infactHome Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements.

Flip View Profile View Posts. After trying to piece together this information thought I might make a thread to jot down my observations as well as my questions in case other players have the answers. I find naval combat a bit of a mystery. For example what is an Ideal fleet composition?

What ship types are good, which are bad? However I am unsure how big they should be and what their composition should be. Wolf Pack Composition: 6 - 18 Subs Role: Convoy Raiding or Patrol Typical wolf pack, lots of subs, mainly used to fight enemy convoys but can also be used for patrol in a pinch.

Subs are cheap to build and great to use against more advanced navies.

hoi4 heavy cruiser mtg

Not very good at fighting fleets however. Carrier and cruiser to help against small surface raid ships but what I seen the AI tends to use larger stacks so not sure how useful only a few cruisers are in this regards. The problem is here I do not know how big they should be.

Do I need more or less of each type to stand up to an AI main battle fleet? Ship Types My understanding of ship types and advice on which are good or not.

But they are cheap, add defence as a whole to my fleet and help me spot the enemy as I have loads of them. Right, I have no idea what to do with these guys. Destroyers seem far better bang for your buck, I can build at least 4 destroyers for every 1 light cruiser. I fail to see the point to these ships. Edit: Based on feedback seems they could be useful at finishing off heavily damaged fleeing ships.

Heavy Cruiser Best Role: Surface Combat, Shore Bombardment Pros: Cheapest captial ship, decent surface combatant Cons: Outclassed by every other capital ship class Poor mans battleship, they just seem like much cheaper versions. I can see a need for a few as they can boost my fleet as battleships are slow to build. Anybody have more experience here? Cons: More expensive battleship! I find these outclass battleships in every way. As USA I love building these bad boys.

If I can I replace battleships with super battleships. Carrier: Best Role: Destroying battleships, air support Pros: Bring air power to the seas, support troops outside of air range, great vs other ships. Cons: Need planes and currently they do not seem to restock correctly.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Can anyone explain this for me?

I understand what they mean, but how do they change a ship behaviour in battle?

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 comments. Nelly View Profile View Posts. Helped me a lot to understand the new navy. Originally posted by Nelly :.

Mikey View Profile View Posts. They protect the capital ships from torpedo attacks, if there is a ratio of screens to caps, and are themselves dificult to hit. Capitals are 2nd line units, they are the heavy hitters splashing the enemy with hail of doom. They are very vulnerable to torpedo salvoes if there aren't enough screens.

CVs are further protected from damage by gun fire if there is atleast 1 other capital around per CV. Subs are the ninjas, they move all over the field attempting to get a nice cap killing salvo off. Last edited by Mikey ; 1 Oct, pm. Originally posted by Mikey :. When using the set up manager you can select ships by type and insignia, that way you can have ships of the same size but with different designs without micro-managing the task forces Ex.

You build a CL as a destroyer killer, fill it with guns, armour and fire director. Then you give it a plane insignia even though it doesn't have planes. There is no ill effect on it.

Hearts of Iron IV: Cadet Edition を購入する

You also design a CL as a scout and fill it up with as many recon planes as you can. This one you give a gunboat insignia When setting up the task force you tell it to add 2 types of CL. One with the plane insignia and one with the binocular insignia. The task force will then pull in ships of the killer type, but not the scouts because it's the wrong insignia. Last edited by Mikey ; 2 Oct, pm. Imagination View Profile View Posts. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 30 Sep, pm.

Posts: 7. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. All rights reserved.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Bvisi0n View Profile View Posts. Patrol: A small force, scouts a region and detects enemy fleets, then calls the Strike Force. Should be fast and have a high surface detection stat.

Introducing Hoi4’s MtG navy-inspired mechanics to Stellaris

Cruisers can have scout planes and CA even has detection on it's heavy batteries. CA are meant to be patrol vessels. Don't send them out alone obviously. Strike Force: They sit in base and wait for an enemy fleet to show up, then they will head over and do their thing. Needless to say that this one is all about bringing the firepower. Any CA on this team should be AA oriented as their heavy attack will only make them easier to hit and can only penetrate enemy CA.

Convoy Raiding: This one is simple, just make 10 packs of submarines, combine them in one fleet and assign you raiding zones. Hull types make huge differences in survivability and they are easy to make so I recommend refitting older hull types for minelaying. Convoy Escort: This group will protect your trade, supply and division transport convoys. You want light vessels for the job, preferably destroyers. The design of the vessel is up to your preference. Important stats here are depth charges and sub detection.

Should be noted that DD's suffer penalties in deep ocean and CL can be decked out for the job as well but they are of course a significantly more expensive ship. Minelaying: Creates a "home advantage" whenever there is combat. You definitely want to mine the place up wherever you intend to have battles. It's a relatively sneaky job so when you use surface vessels for the job they wont be engaged as often, I suspect the only way they will be engaged is by being detected by enemy patrol groups.

I suspect submarine minelaying is less efficient but pretty much undetectable. Minesweeping: Removes enemy mines, can only be done by destroyers with the right equipment. Naval Invasion Support: You want ships with bug guns for the job, not sure if carriers with fighters and CAS also have an effect but I suppose they do.

I suggest you use the strike force for the job after adjusting the carrier loadout for ground support. Destroyer: Spotter, torpedo boat, sub hunter, minelayer, minesweeper. Light Cruiser: Spotter, light gun battery, torpedo boat, sub hunter, minelayer. Heavy Cruiser: Spotter, AA screen.

hoi4 heavy cruiser mtg

Battlecruiser: Gun battery. Battleship: Gun battery. Carrier: Airfield.There are other great strategic-level wargames out there. Not because I'm sick of it; quite the contrary, in fact. What I need to do is some serious reading, some careful planning on what my vision for the United States should be in And when I've done that planning — when I've formulated my character sheet, as it were — I have the utmost confidence that Hearts of Iron 4 will be ready for me to play a role in world affairs.

German Tank Pack cosmetic : Eight tanks for when playing as Germany, ranging from light all the way up to Super Heavy. Wallpaper: Wallpaper made with art from the game. Colonel Forum Icon: A icon that can be used on Paradox own forum. This is how you access your game book content. Go to accounts. Victory is at your fingertips!

hoi4 heavy cruiser mtg

Your ability to lead your nation is your supreme weapon, the strategy game Hearts of Iron IV lets you take command of any nation in World War II; the most engaging conflict in world history. Paradox Development Studio. Paradox Interactive. Game Book This is how you access your game book content.

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From the heart of the battlefield to the command center, you will guide your nation to glory and wage war, negotiate or invade. You hold the power to tip the very balance of WWII.

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It is time to show your ability as the greatest military leader in the world. Will you relive or change history? Will you change the fate of the world by achieving victory at all costs?

Main Features: Total strategic war: War is not only won on land, sea and in the air. Authentic real-time war simulation: Let the greatest commanders of WW2 fight your war with the tools of the time; tanks, planes, ships, guns and newly discovered weapons of mass destruction.

Assume control of any nation: Choose from the greatest powers striving for victory, or the small nations trying to weather the storm. Turn the world into your battlefield: Experience the full WWII timespan in a topographical map complete with seasons, weather and terrain.

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Snow, mud, storms can be both your strong ally and a ruthless enemy.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Hey guys, probably a stupid question, but how do you make Light Cruisers?

The whole hull system has me a bit confused. I liked the old version where it gives a bit of history on each ship you were researching. Showing 1 - 8 of 8 comments. Atlas View Profile View Posts. Light turrets create light cruiser templates and med-heavy turrets create heavier variants. I may be wrong on this but i noticed it changed for me when i swapped turret sizes it may be something else i didnt account for that i also changed.

Hearts of Iron 4 HOI4 Naval Germany Challenge Waking the Tiger DLC

That's correct. A single medium turret on a cruiser body creates a heavy cruiser. Counts as a capital ship as per naval treaties, if that matters. Light Cruiser: - has turrets which only do light damage - has torpedoes Heavy Cruiser: - has turrets which also do hard damage - has no torpedoes This is the main difference in the current build, but without the MtG DLC features applied.

What about AA? In theory light cruisers should have the best AA choices. All ships can sport AA guns. Last edited by Lost Latios ; 17 Mar, pm. Thanks, guys! The ship upgrades also have descriptions telling what type of cruiser its for. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 17 Mar, pm. Posts: 8. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. All rights reserved.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website.It divided ships into 4 distinct classes light screens, heavy capital ships, aircraft carriers, and submarines which each acted differently and had a specific role during combat. Additionally, the update changed the ways that fleets behave.

Instead of being treated like an army that happens to move on water — the fleets would have to be assigned areas of operation, where they would automatically carry out their missions.

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These consisted of raiding or protecting convoys, patrolling the area for enemy fleets, laying or sweeping mines, supporting naval invasions, or attacking discovered enemy fleets. Each fleet would be led by an admiral — who could have up to 10 different task forces each with a different objective that supported each other for example 4 patrol groups and 1 strike force once the enemy is found. The ship designer received a lot more functions and each ship could be optimized to better fulfil a specific role.

The player had a lot of freedom here. Do I focus my heavy cruisers on combating enemy battleships or light screens? Do I bring dedicated anti-air ships into this fleet or have each one come with its own AA gun? Should my anti-sub ships carry guns for combating surface enemies, or do I trust my main strike fleet to take care of them?

These decisions had an effect on cost, rare resources required for production and the construction time. Each task force should have a different composition depending on its mission, but at the end of the day every class of ships had some use and its own specific role. I think this system would feel right at home in Stellaris and could add some more depth to the battle system and ship designer.

It would make each different ship class have its own purpose in combat and around your empire. And frankly I think it would be more fun to think about designing all of the different classes in the ship designer.

As it stands, Stellaris navies generally follow the old "army in space" principle. During peace time, they are placed in various areas around your empire and sit there, waiting for the next war. During war, they move from "province" to "province" occupying them, and sometimes engage in doomstack battles. Stellaris did try to take some steps in the right direction by adding trade route piracy. You now need to divert some of your frigates towards patrolling your empire. The ship designer also already allows you to pick computer systems for your ships that affect how they act in combat swarm, picket etc.

I think these systems should be made more detailed. Right now, choosing your fleet composition is pretty much only an RP choice. There is no need to have various ship designs in a fleet. It would be more interesting if you needed a varied combat fleet, perhaps some border patrol fleets within your own empire, and could send out scouting or invasion fleets into enemy territory or something. There might be some issues with balancing, but Im sure Paradox can work them out eventually.

As for making such a naval update feasible, the devs could make the general changes a free update, and have a DLC that adds a new ship type maybe some submarine inspired cloaking ship?

The system could take some inspiration from MtG, to make naval combat and the ship designer more in-depth, detailed and interesting. What do y'all think? Source: Original link. I'm so appreciative of Wiz and his team for the change Stellaris has undergone since its release. One of the features I'm most excited about is the development of true planetary diversity and flavor. I'm a geography freak, and i love how you can finally access and view the geographical features of planets now.

I posted an idea I had for using Stellaris as a collaborative and procedurally generated tabletop RPG setting a little while ago.

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